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The Power of Custom Designed Tees How to Build Brand Recognition

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Although the Golden Age of advertising was nearly 40 years ago, companies now have a plethora of options in regards to building brand recognition. While social media marketing is the name of game, custom print tees are a making a comeback, and a strong one at that.

It may seem odd that something as “old school” as custom designed tee shirts have place in the digital era, however, considering the amount of content on the web — and how much time consumers spend interacting with it — it’s easy to see how one can lost in a sea of posts, status updates, tweets, and pins.

Digital print tee shirts on the other hand, are tangible, allowing consumers to interact with them in three dimensions. Even though we live in an era where drones can deliver online orders, humans are inherently visual creatures. Though this instinct once helped our ancestors identify potential threats, it now plays a major role in branding.

Businesses, or causes aiming to increase awareness, can have the best of both worlds by supporting a strong content marketing strategy with custom designed tee shirts services. Tee shirts are a staple in American fashion and culture. It’s estimated that 95% of Americans wear tee shirts, of which nearly 90% have at least one tee shirt they refuse to throw away due to sentimental value.

Brands can take advantage of this notion by using custom designed tee shirts services to create tee shirts that are appealing to their target audience. It’s best to keep designs simple yet dynamic. Designs that are too “busy” may cause confusion, thereby rendering them ineffective. Keep in mind that some of most recognized logos are the simplest, consisting of a basic two to three color color-scheme balanced with a simple form.

Though quality printed t shirts can now be designed via mobile apps, it’s best to work with custom designed tee shirts services if you’re new to the world of custom designed tees. The experienced graphic designers at t shirt printing services will work closely with you in order to create a design that best represents your brand.

Most recently, custom designed tees made headlines when wives of Pennsylvania state troopers designed tee shirts in order to raise money for the families of the two officers who were ambushed by suspect Eric Frein. The simple design, including the phrase “SAP Strong”, was a success, raising thousands for the families as well as garnering support and awareness.

As the new year rapidly approaches, now is the perfect time for businesses to begin planning their marketing strategy for the following months. Get more info here.

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