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Three Important Things that Fire Resistant Clothing Can Do for You on the Job

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Do you work in an industry that allows for many on-the-job hazards? These dangers might include such events as fires, explosions, chemical spills, and other life-threatening conditions. If so, you may want to consider investing in fire resistant clothing if you haven’t already.

Fire resistant clothing (sometimes referred to as FR clothing or FR apparel) is made of a variety of fibers meant to keep emergency response personnel, manufacturing employees, oil and natural gas workers, and others in high-risk industries safe. If you work in an environment where fires can break out, here are some reasons why you may need fire resistant work clothes:

    1. To protect you from injury: A fire breaking out at work can result in devastating injuries. Fire resistant clothes can help protect you from burns due to sparks from welding, chemicals, fires, and other sources. The thick fabrics provide adequate protection from life-threatening injuries.

    2. To stop the spread of fires: Sometimes if clothing ignites, that fire can spread to other places. Fire resistant clothing can help stop the spread of fires to other places and on you, as well. Some fire resistant clothes won’t spread from one source to you, either and can help put out the fire in the original source.

    3. To comply with employment regulations: If you work as a firefighter, it is required to have the right turnout gear to do the job. Additionally, some other industries require fire proof clothing for their employees, such as those that handle hazardous materials. Check with your employer to find out what you need.

Once you begin using fire resistant garments for work, or if you already do, be sure to check it on a regular basis for wear and tear. If the fabric breaks down significantly, it won’t have the protective properties you need it for.

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