What Christmas Decorations Can You Do at Home?

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching. Instead of spending all your money on expensive festive décor like you always do, how about creating some thoughtful and stylish Christmas decorations by yourself this season? Here are a few tips you could use as you explore your creative nature.
One of the ways you could add a bit of fun to the season is with colorful crafts like the pom-pom wreath.

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A Pom-pom wreath is a form that comes in a wide array of colors and sizes. You can stick the balls on a hollow circular piece of plywood using hot glue to make a ring that you could hang on the wall.
You could also use mason jars to make beautiful lanterns for Christmas Eve dinner. To make these, take a few pieces of leftover pine branches from your Christmas tree and put them in a mason jar. Place tea lights on top of the branches and decorate the jars with ribbons. Light the lanterns on Christmas eve and enjoy watching an excellent movie with your family after dinner.
Other ideas you could incorporate in your décor include candle name cards to spruce your dining set up and paper lantern villages enclosed in a clear glass bowl. Click the link above for more creative ideas.

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