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What to Know about Choosing Flowers for a Funeral

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The loss of a loved one can leave you confused and unsure of what to do next. You will most likely have a million things running through your mind regarding plans and funeral arrangements. Funeral flowers are probably the last thing on your mind. It is obvious that flowers are a big part of the funeral ceremony. Often times, the room is chock full of bouquet after bouquet.

Are you looking to purchase some flowers for a funeral ceremony, but don’t know what to do? There are some simple steps to make the process a bit smoother. Let’s take a look.

Purchasing Flowers from the Funeral Home

To make things a bit easier, most funeral homes will offer floral arrangements for an additional fee. This is helpful because you won’t have to worry about choosing a florist or picking out a ton of different arrangements. You also won’t have to worry about arranging the flower delivery. The funeral home will take care of everything for you. However, if you do choose to purchase your own flowers externally, the funeral home will not charge you to bring your pieces in.

Purchasing Flowers Externally

If you decide to order flowers that are not from the funeral home, you have a few options. You may either decide to order them from a local florist over the phone, or you can order them online. Ordering flowers online may be a bit easier, as you won’t have to be on a phone call trying to figure things out. It’ll also give you more time to look at options and see what you want. Keep in mind, you will have to arrange flower delivery if you choose to order online or over the phone.

Purchasing flowers can become very expensive, very quickly. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want and how many flowers you want. But, it’s good to realize that the more flowers you choose the more it’s going to cost. To give you an idea, casket sprays will cost anywhere between $100 and $800. Standing sprays will set you back $100 to $500. Bouquets usually cost somewhere between $50 and $250. Again, choose wisely because you will have to be responsible for the flower delivery.

After the ceremony, you may look at the flowers and instantly become overwhelmed. If it is too much to handle, know that you do have a few options. You can take them home with you, but if there are too many, you can leave the flowers at the funeral home, bring them to burial location, or donate them.

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