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Why You Should Never Put Your Wallet in Your Back-Pocket

As you move about, you need a place to carry your money and cards. These items are a necessity for you to conduct business. You need a comfortable yet safe way of having your cards with you all the time. Traditional wallets tend to be very thick when you put your items. They make your outfit look weird with a bulge sticking out of your pocket.

In 2017, It was estimated that 16.7 million people were victims of identity fraud. In this digital age, information is more of a currency. Banks give their customers credit cards, with RFID chips that store their information. As you transact, your personal information can be stolen.

Forms of Payment

You pay for services through cash or cards. With a card, you can avoid overspending as you have a limit to the amount of money you can spend. Money gives you the illusion that it is there, and you then end up shopping on impulse.

As you transition away from carrying cash to acquiring debit and credit cards, you need a way to store them safely. You can purchase a wallet from online shops.

Practices to Follow as You Carry Your Wallet

Pick-pockets are common in most crowded placed. They could be on the bus you board to work or on the streets as you walk. You might get pick-pocketed if you had put your wallet in your back pocket, but that is not why you should refrain from it. Having your wallet in your back pocket has very severe consequences on your sitting posture.

Sitting on your wallet creates an imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips joints. The result is severe back pain and degeneration of the nerves on your back. On a long-term scale, you may develop severe pain in your joints. Place your wallet in your front pockets to avoid health complications.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wallet

If you use cards for your daily transactions, you need to pay at the counter at a moment’s notice. It is for this reason that you will need an easy way to access your card. This way, you will be able to quickly take out your card and pay for the items purchased.

1. Durability

You would like to buy a wallet that will serve you for a long time. The aluminum credit card wallet is strengthened with aluminum giving it a sturdy yet stylish look.

2. Slim Design with Adequate Space

Such wallets are taking over the fashion industry, as they are more stylish and comfortable, described as an ultra-thin wallet. The minimalist design accommodates your cards and bills, this way you have all your necessities with you.

3. A Small But Spacious Wallet

It will ensure that you do not leave out other essential cards due to a lack of space. You can carry your business, identification, debit, and credit cards. You can also carry some extra cash for emergency cases.

From Wallets to a Money Clip

You might find yourself carrying unnecessary items because you have some space. A titanium money clip is an excellent way to stick to the essential items. A titanium money clip is lightweight. It is made of titanium, which has non-magnetic properties. Therefore, your credit cards will not get demagnetized when they come into contact with the titanium money clip.

In addition to that, some wallets have a money clip to hold cash as well as a cardholder. You will be required to fit your cards in the holder section. On completion, you will fold your bills into two then secure them on the titanium money clip.

Safety with a Wallet

With today’s technology advancements, it has become very easy to steal personal information from people’s cards. Scammers and thieves target the information stored on the RFID chips and then proceed to steal your money.

Wallet manufacturers have taken a step further to consider the safety of their buyers and come up with the carbon fiber wallet. It is made from carbon fiber and reinforced with titanium and texalium. It comes with RFID blocking technology that keeps your personal and financial information secured.

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