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3 Great Types of Wedding Linen Rentals to Make Your Reception Stand Out from the Rest

wedding linen rentalsEvery bride dreams of a wedding that leaves her guests dazzled, but finding ways to achieve this can be difficult. It’s important to start with the basics when looking for ways to make your wedding stand out, and unique wedding linen rentals should be at the top of your list.

With elegant and striking wedding linen rentals, your guests will immediately be impressed as soon as they step foot in the reception venue. Wedding tablecloth rentals go a long way in building a color scheme for the room that complements other aspects of your reception, such as cloth napkins and chair cover rental. Here are three examples of incredible wedding linen fabrics that will truly set your wedding apart from the rest:

  • Petals
    One of the best ways to create a lavish and unique feel in your reception room is with petal linens. Petals and rosettes are considered textured linens because of how they make it seem as if real flower petals are delicately covering your tablecloths. If you’ve never seen or felt a petals linen, this should be your first priority when deciding on wedding linen rentals. They are available in overlays as well as full linens and produce some of the most gorgeous reception pictures imaginable.
  • Lace
    The gold standard in elegant fabrics for thousands of years, there’s nothing quite like the feel of lace tablecloths. In addition to their smooth texture, white lace is absolutely ideal for any type of color scheme because of how well it blends in with the room. If you want to go outside the box with your lace, consider putting burlap and lace together for an interesting blend of natural earthiness and delicate elegance.
  • Checkers
    The best part about specialty linen rental is that you can rent fabrics that are specific to the season. For example, there is no better selection for warm-weather wedding fabric than checkered linens, especially if your reception is outdoors. Linens such as Chevron, zigzag, and checkered are phenomenal in spring and summer weddings, and they pair extremely well with a rustic-chic theme. They also come in all types of colors, and matching them with solid-color cloth napkins will truly wow your guests.

These are a few of the best and most unique fabrics for wedding linen rentals, but you may find one or two others that really speak to you. Check out a great linen rental company online and see these fantastic fabric options for yourself, in addition to dozens more.

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