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3 Types of Photo Editing Services You Can Easily Outsource

photo editing serviceConsidering the fact that about 1.8 billion photos are shared by web users every day, it’s fair to say that the Internet is flooded with pictures. Whether you’re a long time photographer who uses professional photo editing services or an amateur who likes to freelance in your spare time, there are a variety of ways a professional photo editing company like Picsera can help you succeed.

If you’re an amateur, professional photo editing services can help you get noticed and get your pictures shared. One recent study found professional photographs were twice as likely as user-generated photographs to be shared. If you yourself are in the business, outsourcing tasks might seem unprofessional. In reality though, it’s a time-honored tradition dating back to the early days of photography. Here are three photo editing services anyone can benefit from investing in.

  1. Color Correction: This is a relatively simple photo editing service that doesn’t take a great deal of skill, but should still be done by an experienced hand. Our professional services will be able to select the right color, exposure, contrast, vibrancy, and clarity to make sure the pictures you take are shown in the best light.
  2. Photo Culling: Photo culling services are for the professional who wants to save time and money on the simple task of sorting through thousands of pictures, many of which are close duplicates, to then show clients. At about $0.05 per image, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to save yourself countless hours that could be spent on more difficult editing tasks or actually taking other pictures.
  3. Basic Retouching/Editing: Retouching services can remove unwanted background elements, enhance a particular subject, and smooth out a subject’s skin. According to a study by the National Press Photographers Association, people were able to tell whether a photograph was made by a professional or an amateur 90% of the time. By having a service retouch your photographs, you can take your photos to the next level.

Whether it’s to save yourself time, to take care of things you can’t, or to just get some help, Picsera’s photo editing services offer exceptional rates, premium quality, and the chance to take your photos from good to great.

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