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How to Get and Keep an Instructional Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Instructional body piercing apprenticeship

Body piercing is a very popular thing to do today but it has a long history. The oldest recorded body piercing is from a body found in a grave that was dated to be from about 2500 B.C. Today, both men and women like getting different parts of their body pierced. Nearly 27% of today’s high school students have a piercing somewhere other than their earlobes. Nearly 8% have tattoos. for the general population, there are about 14% of adults who have a non-earlobe piercing. The trend is definitely going in the direction of more people getting piercings than ever before. If you have thought about going into this as a career and looked into getting an instructional body piercing apprenticeship, here are some tips to help you succeed.

  1. Get some schooling in.If you want an instructional body piercing apprenticeship, take some classes in body piercing. There are a lot of body piercing types. No matter how extensive the body piercing apprenticeship program you are in is, it will never cover all of the types of body piercings that are possible and that you might be asked to do if you become a successful body piercer. The best way to learn all of them is to take actual classes in this art form. Also, when you apply to be an apprentice, the shops that are going to spend their time helping you develop your skills and knowledge will want to see that you are serious about the art of body piercing. One way to show them that is to be enrolled in an educational program. If you need to find one, you can ask the shops where you will apply and you can look online.
  2. Do not do this if you only want to tattoo. No, a instructional body piercing apprenticeship is not a good way to get your career as a tattoo artist started. Yes, often tattoo artists and body piercers work together in the same space. Sometimes you will have a tattoo artist who does body piercing. That does not mean you should see you body piercing apprenticeship as a way to become a tattoo artist. One art is not better or more valuable than the other. If you really want to draw tattoos, you should focus on getting your art where it needs to be.
  3. Work on your people skills. If you go into body piercing as a career, you have to like people. You are going to have to deal with an awful lot of them and you have to make them happy. Not only can they be your best marketing tools but your job will be to make them happy with their piercing. You have to be comforting and make them feel at ease in your presence and in your shop. Otherwise they are not going to trust you enough to let you pierce them at all. If you hate being around new people, this is not the career path for you.
  4. Be prepared to pay for your instructional body piercing apprenticeship. What are your plans for after your apprenticeship? All of the shops you approach will want to know if they are training a potential colleague or competitor. There is really no reason to lie here. They will not hold it against you if you say that as soon as you are done you are heading across the street to open you new place. In fact, if you do lie, take an apprenticeship and then do that, it will really hurt you because they will not help you. They may charge for the apprenticeship if that is your plan but that is money well spent. Your willingness to pay will also show just how very serious you are about getting an apprenticeship and becoming a body piercer.

Becoming a body piercer can get you started on a long and rewarding career. If you are a creative person who likes to spend their time around other creative people, this may be a good fit for you. If you are really interested in body piercing as an art itself, you may get a lot out of being a piercer.

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