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Camouflage is the New and Improved Black

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For many people, the thought of camouflage invokes images of battle-dressed troops covered from head to toe in camouflaged gear, or of outdoorsmen stalking prey. However, camouflage has taken the fashion and retail industries over by storm. Camouflage has become the new “black” in a sense, and it’s become all too commonplace to see fashionistas sporting a little camo dress instead of a black one.

Camouflage — derived from the French word camoufler — uses the elements of color and pattern to achieve crypsis, the state of naturally blending into existing surroundings. Ironically, trendy metropolitan “hipters” and self-proclaimed “hillbillies” are both sporting camouflage clothing in an effort to stand out. Camo clothing for men and women has been reinvented, and has given way to other articles of camouflage clothes and even accessories. Camo wallets, camo purses, and even camouflage baby clothes are now familiar sights, and are enjoyed by many people.

Camo clothing for men and women first became a contender in the fashion world during the 1980’s, according to Time magazine. Though many 80’s trends such as crimped hair, neon colors, and leg warmers have recently made comebacks, camouflage never disappeared. Rather, it has increased in popularity and shows so signs of slowing down. The advent of reality television shows such as Duck Dynasty, which depict a rural life closely related to subsistence hunting, have further popularized all things camo.

However, the camo trend isn’t just applicable to clothing. In fact, camo has infiltrated the design world as well. Camo bedding sets, pillows, candles, dish sets, and other accessories have become increasingly popular as the trend continues.

In honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month camo clothing for men and women has been modified, as many survivors of breast cancer and supporters of breast cancer awareness are thinking pink. Pink camo fleece jackets for men, women, and children, in addition to other pink camo clothing and accessories, are popular during the month of October. Pink camo shows the versatility of the pattern, which illustrates just one of the many reasons why camouflage has taken the fashion world over by storm.

If you’re looking fora new way to stand out — or blend in depending on how you look at it — consider becoming camo clad. Not only is camouflage easy to match and pair with other colors, styles, and trends, you’ll never have to fear looking outdated when wearing camo. This “trend”, it seems, is here to stay.

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