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Think Pink How Camouflage is Being Reinvented

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It’s ironic that camouflage -the complex pattern so often used by military forces and hunters- was designed with intention of blending in, yet fashionistas are now using it as a means of standing out amongst the crowd.

Camouflage clothing, along with other military-inspired looks, have taken the fashion world over by storm and knows no boundaries. From hip hop and RandB artists, to self-proclaimed “hillbillies” and “rednecks”, everyone’s donning camouflage clothes and it’s easy to see why.

In honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month, many men and women are wearing pink camouflage shirts or sporting pink camo purses and wallets or other accessories to show their support. While pink camouflage shirts and accessories are clearly not meant to disguise or conceal the individual wearing them, they are fashionable, and are a unique way to draw attention to an important cause.

However, it doesn’t have to be National Breast Cancer Awareness month for men or women to be decked out in pink camouflage shirts and clothing. In fact, both celebrities and everyday “Joes” have incorporated camo into their wardrobe, and it is often combined with other fashion staples such as dark denim or laced “combat” boots in order to make a bolder statement.

Camo has also infiltrated formal wear, and it is not uncommon to see camo formal wear or even camo wedding gowns. Die-hard camo aficionados even go as far as to have como-themed weddings and baby showers. Additionally, camo home goods have become increasingly popular, and many choose to incorporate it their home’s decor.

Camouflage, derived from the French word “camofler” meaning to disguise or blind, was originally developed for military use and uses both color and pattern to conceal individuals and gear. Though the standard green and black camouflage associated with the United States military is most easily recognized and duplicated, camouflage has been designed for a variety of different surroundings, such as arctic, desert, or aquatic climates.

Obviously, a fashionista walking down the streets of SoHo has no need or desire to blend in, which is the beauty of camouflage as it applies to contemporary fashion. Camouflage clothing first became popular in the United States during the 1980’s, but has since taken off following the introduction of reality TV shows such as “Duck Dynasty” which portray an outdoor lifestyle chock-full of camo clothing, gear, and accessories.

The camo trend shows so signs of slowing down, and has inspired other military-esque looks which can be seen on the world’s most notorious runways, such as in Milan, Paris, and New York. After all, if it’s trendy enough for the Kardashian’s, you should be wearing it too! More.

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