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Body piercing apprenticeship Body piercing apprenticeship program List of body piercings

How to Get and Keep an Instructional Body Piercing Apprenticeship

Body piercing is a very popular thing to do today but it has a long history. The oldest recorded body piercing is from a body found in a grave that was dated to be from about 2500 B.C. Today, both men and women like getting different parts of their body pierced. Nearly 27% of today’s …

Body piercing apprenticeship Instructional body piercing apprenticeship List of body piercings

The List of Body Piercings Has Gone On and On and On Since the Dawn of Mankind as We Know it

Your body is a temple. It’s more than likely that you’ve heard this popular phrase time and time again. Maybe your own parents have said these words as a warning to be aware and careful of what you put in or on your body, or to scold you about that horrendous pizza tattoo you got …

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