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Charities that pick up clothing donations Donations for military families Organizations that accept clothing donations

The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Donating Clothing To Charity This Year

Times are hard. Every time you open up the news you hear a story about another reason people are in need of a little help. Terrible weather, fluctuations in the economy, you name it. How can you do your part to help out your community and keep the environment clean during these difficult days? Donating …

Charities that will pick up donations Clothing donations Donations for military families

Why Giving is Good for the Soul and the Earth

We have all seen the license plates, those ones with the small purple emblem in the corner, but how many people actually know what is a purple heart in the military? There ois no denying the fact that serving ones country by joining the armed forces is one of the most brave and trying acts …

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