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How to Allocate Money and Save for a Major Purchase

andnbsp; Did you know? Approximately 73% of online shopping customers say they prefer online shopping because it saves them time. Whether you usually prefer online shopping or you’d rather run errands to your local stores, tracking the money you spend is an essential part of financial planning. You shouldn’t rely on loans or credit cards …


Buying For the Professional: Great Gifts for the Holidays

The holidays are here and it’s time to worry about what you should buy all your fiends and relatives. Buying for kids, though hectic, is pretty easy. Buying gifts for working adults, however, can be tough. If you’re shopping for a professional, you need to do a little more than simply picking out whatever gift …


2 Simple Places in Your Own Home Where You Can Incorporate Oceanic Elements

Anyone who has looked out over the ocean knows how vast and powerful it is. Its primal energy and endless resources have made it a comforting and challenging place for humans to live since the dawn of time. Perhaps that’s why ocean- and sea-related fashion, design, and art have such a special place in our …


3 Popular Post-Menopausal Med Spa Treatments

Women who are either currently experiencing or have already gone through menopause know the immense toll it can take on the body. From hot flashes and night sweats to thinning hair and weight gain, menopause is certainly no picnic. You may also notice changes to your skin, which can range from mildly frustrating to devastatingly …


Leather Shoes: Best Accessory for Men

When most people think of the word “accessories”, they typically think about jewelry woman wear. A sparkling necklace or simple ring band to give a little more style to one’s outfit. However, accessorizing for men can be just as important. A leather wallet or wide leather belt is pretty par for the course. But something …


The Benefits of Satchels: Convenient, Professional, and Fashionable

As the great Alan Garner from The Hangover would say, “IT’S NOT A PURSE. IT’S A SATCHEL!” Satchels are making a comeback; that’s for sure. Perhaps one of the most underrated and underused accessories for men, high-quality satchels can make any man seem that much more professional and mature. Here are three major benefits of …

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