The Benefits of Satchels: Convenient, Professional, and Fashionable


As the great Alan Garner from The Hangover would say, “IT’S NOT A PURSE. IT’S A SATCHEL!”

Satchels are making a comeback; that’s for sure. Perhaps one of the most underrated and underused accessories for men, high-quality satchels can make any man seem that much more professional and mature. Here are three major benefits of owning a quality satchel:

If you’re a working professional just entering into your career, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. A quality satchel can enable you to have every item you could ever possibly need throughout your career. You’re not in college anymore. You wouldn’t dare show up to your new job with a bulky book bag on your back right? Satchels are great for carrying laptops, notebooks, files, and anything else you will need for your job.

A well dressed young professional utilizing a high-quality leather satchel will really turn some heads. If you are just starting out in your professional career, you want to come off as a responsible, mature, and prepared worker. You could potentially meet a new boss every day… so making a good first impression is extremely important. A satchel is certainly not going to single-handedly get you your next great job, but it will help you make a great professional impression on everyone you meet.

Again, you’re not going to wear a book bag, a fanny pack, or a childish bar. Having a satchel be a part of your wardrobe can really improve your style. If you’re wearing a leather satchel, you can tell people that during the Roman Empire, sails on boats, body armor, and weapons were made of the same exact material. So they won’t stand a chance if they try to tell you your satchel makes you look weak. They are very ill-informed; inform them. While you’re at it, you can also invest in some quality leather belts for men or other fine leather goods to reflect your style.

The average person is wearing about four leather products at all times. One of those products should be a high-quality satchel. You don’t have to wait until Christmas time — which is when leather goods retailers reach about 25% of their yearly earnings — to buy someone (yourself) a nice present like this. Buying a satchel is not only something for style and fun, but also for professionalism and professional convenience.

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