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Charitable Clothing Donations Are Needed Every Day of the Year

This is not exactly the best week of the summer. With day after day of rain, both you and the kids are going a little stir crazy. Just when you finally had them to the point where they were able to play outside in the backyard by themselves for short periods of time, the rain has trapped everyone indoors. You have created masking tape mazes throughout the basement, build an obstacle course out of the kitchen chairs, and read seven more chapters in the kids’ favorite books.

With one more day of rain in the forecast, you are moving on to a task that needs to be completed. And while the games have been fun, you can sense that even the kids are looking for a way to be more productive. Allowing them the chance to helping them make a fort out of the blankets in the closet, you gave yourself time to clean out the rest of the linen closet. By letting the girls match up and arrange your shoes by color, you were able to have some time to sort through the clothing in your closet. Your kids liked how organized the shoes are in your closet and you now have more than four tubs fill of charitable clothing donations. Thanks to the fact that clothing donation locations are open on both rainy and sunny days you can make sure that you drop off your items today, so that you can enjoy the sunshine tomorrow!

Whether you are looking for clothing donation locations for a one time drop off, or you make a monthly habit of giving away the things in your home that you no longer use, it is important to realize that even your smallest of donations can make a big impact in helping families in need.
The latest research indicates that as many as 95.4% of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. Finding the time to give, however, can be a challenge for some busy families. If you are trying to find a way to make sure that your gifts happen on a more regular basis, maybe you can take advantage of the rainy days that come your way to make a difference in the lives of others. An estimated 80% of clothing that is donated in America is used by charitable organizations for donation to the needy, as well as for funding. Are you ready to do your part?

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