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Companies Are Buying Custom Apparel Online as an Advertising Solution

Custom t shirts for fundraising

One of the most important rules of business ownership is to utilize any and all opportunities for marketing and advertising, especially locally. One of the most popular ways to do this is through customized apparel. Whether for a fundraiser, sports game, or company event, personalized clothing is a key factor in successfully taking advantage of the marketing opportunity.

Many organizations are choosing to buy custom apparel online for their big events. As an $8 billion industry, decorated apparel is a popular advertising choice among enterprises. The advantage of personalized apparel lies in the ability to design and order garments specific to your event, company or organization. While t-shirts are an extremely popular option, there are a large number of alternatives for custom apparel.

Types of custom apparel:
Work uniforms
Polo and Golf Shirts

On top of the wide range of options for apparel, the uses of personalized clothing ranges from sports to fundraising:

Sports Teams:

A popular activity among both youth and adults is participating in a recreational sports league. Whether it’s a summer kickball league or the company softball team, sports are a great activity for bonding and getting to know one another. Companies will often take advantage of this opportunity as a way to market themselves. In fact, 12% of enterprises sponsor an athletic team. It’s a great way to advertise your organization and services while giving back to the community. A big part of this is custom sports team apparel. Most teams will wear a designated t-shirt that acts as a uniform. Custom-made t-shirts are an inexpensive way to advertise an event or organization.


Recent years have seen an exponential increase in participation in non-traditional races and obstacle courses with nearly 2 million runners last year. Many participants choose to design custom clothing for their teammates while organizers use personalized apparel for employees and as gifts for participants.


When asking for donations and contributions at a fundraising event, uniformity among employees and volunteers is essential. People want to know what organization they’re donating to and what their money is going towards. Personalized clothing is a great way to do so.

Does your company have corporate apparel for a sports team? Have you designed and purchased custom apparel online for an event or organization? Sound off in the comments below!

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