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Pyrotechnics at Your Wedding? Count Me In!

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In the U.S. there are between 2.1 million and 2.2 million marriages each year. Planning a wedding is an equally exciting and stressful ordeal. So many tough decisions need to be made, such as the date, venue(s), catering, music, and invitations! Decorations are also an important part of making a wedding memorable and unique. For those looking to liven up their wedding, dull decorations just won’t do. Wedding sparklers are becoming a popular wedding staple to bring some additional light and excitement to wedding ceremonies and parties.

Which Kind of Sparkler is Best?

Sparklers have been around for centuries. Originally used as weapons for war, they are now decorative party favors used for any kind of celebration, especially at night where they shine brightest. Sparklers can be made of wood or metal, but the results differ for each kind. Wooden sparklers are cheaper, burn up, produce smoke, and only emit light for several seconds. Metal sparklers, however, last much longer and come in the smokeless variety.

Smokeless sparklers also come in various lengths and colors. 10 and 20 inch sparklers typically last for two to three minutes while the longer 36 inch sparklers can last up to four minutes. The color of the sparklers will depend on the type of metal being burned. For instance, iron sparklers produce orange sparks and ferrotitanium will emit yellowish, gold sparks. Since 44% of newly married couple prefer the color white for their wedding, sparklers that produce white sparks are fitting. For this color, smokeless sparklers made from aluminum, magnesium, or titanium will do the trick.

Smokeless Sparklers at Your Wedding

The average modern wedding includes about 136 guests, give or take. If you’re considering featuring sparklers in your ceremony, keep in mind that only about 75% of these guests will need one (children should not handle them, and some guests will share with someone else). Longer sparklers are ideal (20 inches or 36 inches) because they will last long enough to only require one use.

Sparkling Send-Offs and Memories

So what exactly are sparklers good for, anyway? In terms of ceremony, the sparklers can symbolize the joyous, newly sparked coming together of two people. Sending off the married couple will bright sparkling lights adds to the sense of excitement and happiness all around. But including sparklers in a wedding is also a great way to create stunning and memorable photographs.

Cameras and sparklers go well together. Taking a still shot of a sparkler in motion yields breathtaking results. You can create all sorts of patterns and designs, and even write messages with enough effort and coordination! For beautiful wedding photos, wedding sparklers offer an endless supply of possibilities.

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