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Have a Leather Tote? Keep It Looking Like New with These 5 Tips

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Leather products are popular around the planet. There are some very good reasons for this. Leather is a very versatile and durable material. Its use dates back to the Roman Empire. Back then, the sails they used on boats were made of leather. Fashionable Egyptian women began wearing leather items about one thousand years later. Today it is used for a wide variety of apparel items and the average person walking around is likely to have four leather items on them at any given time. Fine leather goods from leather totes to leather belts for men and women make great gifts and compliment almost any kind of attire.

Leather is a great material for a number of reasons. It is durable and flexible. This is why leather totes, backpacks and briefcases are so popular. They can last a long time. It is made from animal rawhide and skin that has been tanned. It can be mass produced, which is one reason that it can be found all over the globe. Leather shoes are particularly durable.

As with everything, there are drawbacks to using leather. It is more vulnerable to humidity. Exposure to even low levels, such as 40%, can have an impact. It can cause the desiccation of the leather. This can case irreversible damage to the fibrous structure of the material. The good news is that you can keep your leather totes looking great with just a little effort and time.

5 Tips to Keep Your Leather Totes Looking Great:

  1. Treat your leather. Leather totes will look better longer if you take some time to treat them before you start using them and taking them around. You can buy products to protect your leather from water and other threats at your local supermarket, drug store or leather store. There are different kinds of products for different types of leather so make sure you get the right product for the kind of leather you have. If you have questions, you can go to the leather store and ask them what they recommend.
  2. Keep your leather clean. Leather totes can absorb oils and grease. If you can, only handle your leather bag when your hands are clean. If you use hand cream, be careful about handling the bag right after you use it. You need to clean your bag at least every six months to prevent water spotting and soiling. Every year, you should take your leather bag into a specialist to have them clean it. This will extend the bag’s lifespan.
  3. Leather should be hand softened. Many leather totes are sold in a very soft state. If they are not, you can move that process along on your own. Put your leather bag on a flat surface and roll it up, starting at the bottom roll the bag up. Take a different side of the leather bag and repeat the process. Take the bag and turn it inside out and repeat the process.
  4. Leave stains be. This can be really hard for some people. Leather totes are often taken everywhere. That means the likelihood of them getting stained is high. Plus, accidents will happen. You may spill something on your leather bag. Do not try to deal with the stains yourself. Take your bag to a leather specialist. They can remove the stains without damaging the material.
  5. Your leather goods should be allowed to show their age. Leather is a timeless material in a lot of ways but that does not mean it will look exactly the same for the duration of the time that you own it. Over time, it will become darker, may develop creases and you may scratch it. Despite all of your efforts, certain oils can reduce the look of scratches, for example, your leather items will age. This makes these products more personal and should be embraced, not fought. As leather ages, it gains character. Accept this and you will get more enjoyment from your leather bags.

Fine leather goods such as leather totes and bags are wonderful products. They look great when you buy or receive them and as they age, the look changes but they remain classic and stylish.



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