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How the Right Table Linens Can Pull Together Your Party Decor

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When you’re planning a special event, you should keep in mind that the table linens you choose will play a major if understated part in pulling together your overall decor and themes. With custom table linens, overlays, runners, chair covers, chair ties, and napkins, you can match the dinnerware, flowers and other decorations, and the food. You can even pick colors and textures to highlight the season or the day. If you’re wondering where to rent table linens for a Labor Day bash or a Fourth of July picnic, online table linens rentals make it easy and even fun to pick out the right colors and designs.
If you’re planning a an event like a wedding, baby shower, graduation or birthday party, school dance, sorority recruitment, fundraiser, awards banquet, or just about any other kind of party, picking the right table linens can make things go with a swing from the start.

How to choose the right table linens
Most people tend to pick linens for weddings and other events as a kind of afterthought, leaving the choice of colors and deigns to the caterers. Often they go wth plain white linens, which don’t really do much for the decor.
It’s actually much more fun, and your event will look much more pulled together, if you give a little thought to the kinds of speciality linen to use. Rental linens are available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. You can play with design elements such as wedding tablecloths, co-ordinating with napkins, food, flowers, drinks, candles, and even dresses.
For instance, for a timeless, classic look you can mix and match pastels like blush pink, peach, gold, and neutral hues. It’s easy to achieve a stylish, vintage look. For a more rustic look, an overlay of lace on burlap juxtaposes elegance and earthiness for an interesting and visually attractive contrast.

Where to rent table linens
Most people have no idea at the outset that they can actually just rent linens for a special occasion, instead of having to buy them. And if they’ve thought about where to rent table linens, they might have some vague idea of searching through a dim and musty warehouse, looking at dusty samples and swatches. Possibly with a Dickensian staff to enliven things.
But in fact, the best answer to where to rent table linens is: on the Internet! You can find and order the perfect table linens for your party online. You can browse the wide choice of colors and designs at your convenience, consult your family and friends, and place your order when you’re sure you’ve found the perfect match for your event.

Things to keep in mind
When placing your order for table linens, it’s best to have at least a rough estimate of the number of guests. It also helps to know the number and size of tables and chairs. The linens are delivered to you clean and ready to use.
You don’t need to worry about washing them before returning, since normal food and drink stains and spills are covered by most rental policies. You can just pop them back into the return bags that were sent with the delivery. The return bags even have the address labels attached.

It can be a lot of fun to pick the right linens for your party, and the effort pays off in terms of enhancing and emphasizing your decor. And with rented linens, there’s no washing up after the party.

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