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Say Fromage!; the Best Selfie Spots in Pairs

visit ParisSo you are headed on a Paris vacation and you need to document every step of the way. What better way is there than to take a selfie at every place you can find? There were over 300 million selfies posted to Instagram as of June 2015, so grab your selfie stick and head to these spots when you visit Paris!

Eiffel Tower
Even though this may be a pretty obvious choice, it would be a shame to leave Paris without a famous selfie with theTour De Eiffel. There are large cement blocks at the base of the tower that are perfect for photo ops, just be careful when giving your camera to a stranger when taking a picture!

One of the best times to photograph yourself with the tower is at nighttime. Starting at 9pm at the top of every hour for five minutes the tower sparkles. So head to the Champs de Mars, the park across from the tower, right before sunset to plan your selfie game.

Notre Dame
If you are willing to climb the 387 steps to the top of this cathedral, perhaps the Hunchback of Notre Dame will take a selfie with you. If you cant find him, there are plenty of scary looking gargoyles to take his place. This is the best time to try out your funny faces or to have your staring contest documented for the rest of time.

The Louvre 
As the most visited museum in the world lies in Paris, you would be silly not to go when you visit Paris. The large glass pyramid is perfect for fans of the DaVinci Code, and who knows maybe you can capture Mona Lisa’s smile once inside?

The Catacombs 
The catacombs might possibly be the creepiest place you can find while visiting Paris. Travel 20 meters underground to find the final resting place of six million unfortunate souls, and with skulls neatly stacked all the way up to the ceiling there will be many a creepy selfie to be had! Just be careful, don’t back up too close!

Palace of Versailles 
No trip to Paris is complete without taking a day trip to see the infamous Palace of Versailles. Pose regally next to the large golden gates, and take advantage of the Hall of Mirrors for those mirror pictures! With all the glitz and glam available, it will be easy to make your friends jealous!

‘Let Them Eat Cake’ is always a good photo caption too!

There are thousands of tourist attractions to choose from, but going to these places when you visit Paris will guarantee you the most unique selfie out there.

Just don’t forget to say ‘fromage!”

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