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Simplifying the Engagement Ring

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You’ve finally made the choice to take your relationship to the next level — you’re probably hearing Congratulations! This is such a great decision! from all your friends and family members. But then you realize you need to shop around for the perfect ring — and you know nothing about diamonds, or rings, or jewelry in general, really. The process seems hopeless, but you’re determined to keep going because your significant other deserves the very best. But you never seem to make progress, and your blood pressure just keeps rising.

You’re not alone. Not even a little bit. On average, men spend about three months looking at engagement rings before finding the perfect one, and will shop around at about four different retailers. Men tend to look at around 27 rings before deciding on one (although it seems like hundreds after a few shopping trips, to be honest). And if you’re sitting at your computer right now reading these numbers and thinking to yourself I am WAY over the average…what is wrong with me?! Don’t worry — nothing is wrong. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

The fact is, the jewelry industry is huge and pretty complicated if you don’t know exactly what to look for. The classic engagement ring is made with gold and diamonds, but even with this traditional choice, there are so many different diamond cuts and colors and types of gold. And now you’re sitting at your computer, thinking Why is a “princess cut” not the same as a “diamond cut?” How can a diamond not have a diamond cut? Why does none of this make sense? Don’t worry, we won’t even start to discuss the other gemstone options for rings just yet. Slow and steady, my friend. Slow and steady.

It’s always a good idea to do some research on your own before you start seriously looking around for the perfect engagement ring. Many grooms- and brides-to-be feel more comfortable making a purchase after consulting with friends, and even with their significant other. The most important thing about this purchase is that you feel confident, comfortable, and content.

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