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So You Think You’ve Outgrown Onesie Pajamas?

Pajama onesies

Sleep is a huge part of our lives. We need it to recharge our batteries and function properly throughout the day. The average American adult gets about eight-and-a-half hours of sleep each night. But what do we wear to sleep? What we wear–or don’t wear–to bed is often overlooked. Most people just don’t think much of it before they climb into bed for the night.

It’s been reported that three fourths of Americans wear pajamas to bed, while 8% sleep naked and the rest wear something else. There’s really no consensus on the best or proper type of pajamas for adults. Sometimes television shows and movies humorously depict men and women dressed in gaudy sleep attire, though this isn’t necessarily an accurate depiction of reality.

Though more common for children to wear, onesie or footed adult pajamas are always an option. It might seem odd at first to picture adult men and women dressed in these types of pajamas, but here are three reasons why onesie pajamas for adults are all the rage.

1) They make great gifts..

It can be difficult to shop for a parent or adult peer. The common last resort is cash or a gift card to some restaurant or popular outlet. For a more personalized present, one might consider giving someone some adult footed pajamas. It may be an ironic gift, but chances are the recipient will try them out and make good use of them! Also, it would be hard to forget about the person who gifted you with some onesie pajamas. You might even receive some of your own in return!

2) For all shapes, sizes, and ages!.

Onesie pajamas are great for both kids and adults, men and women, and people of all sizes. Though medium sized adult pajamas fit someone around 5’9″ and 180 lbs., there are plenty of places online to purchase men footed pajamas and women footed pajamas with custom sizes and designs.

3) Comfortable, warm, and fun..

There is no end to the colors and patterns one can choose from when choosing their onesie pajamas. There are solid colored ones, camouflage, patriotic, tie dye, striped, polka dotted, even ones with pop culture references!

Adult footed pajamas are also warm and comfortable since they enclose one’s entire body. On those really cold winter nights, rather than cranking the heat or reaching for an extra blanket or two, you can just put on your onesie pajamas and sleep through the night in comfort.

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