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Four Marriage Metaphors to Use in Your Vows

Barbed wire crosses

Nowadays, people are getting more and more creative with their weddings. Some have pie instead of cake. Some opt out of the white dress. What’s one way to spice up your wedding without adding to your budget? Dazzle your audience with poetically written vows. Sure, the bible has great vows that you can use, but this is your day! Don’t you want to exchange vows that are as unique as your love? One great way to do so is to infuse metaphors into your vows. Below are a few great ones.
Did you know that Diamonds are formed when carbon is under high, high pressure for a long period of time. If that isn’t a metaphor for marriage, I don’t know what is. Plus, The United States jewelry industry is worth about $71.3 billion. By using this metaphor, you could be setting yourself up for a very prosperous marriage. Plus, it highlights the lovely jewelry gifts you’ll be exchanging at the wedding.
DIY Projects
Custom made home decor is best when it’s made with the people you love. Have you ever built a desk or painted a wall with your significant other? Liken your relationship to the investment you put in and the reward you get once you stand back and appreciate what you’ve built. After all, marriage isn’t all about gifting unique jewelry and fun leather bracelets, sometimes it’s about hard work.
Love really is like sunshine. Sometimes it goes away for a while but you can always count on it’s consistency. It will be back eventually. Liken your partner to the comfort of a breeze or the warmth of sunshine. Either way, people love being compared to the elements.
Whether you bust out a metaphor about custom made home decor, handcrafted jewelry or cozy, rainy days, your guests and your spouse will be so happy that you put in creative time and thought to your vows. Happy Wedding Day!
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