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The History of Charms Spans Centuries

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Started in 2000, Pandora bracelets, with their patented threading system, are upholding the history of charms. Pandora charm bracelets give wearers the opportunity to customize jewelry. They are able to show off their personality and individuality. Customers build a Pandora bracelet for many reasons, but they carry on the history of charms.

The Early Days
Charms began to appear from six hundred to four hundred B.C. Civilizations including the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites wore charms. In some cultures charms were thought to bring good luck or ward off evil spirits. Whatever the reason for charms, these early wearers started the history of charms that continues today.

Charm Bracelet Updates
The history of charms continued when Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets. She started a trend for European nobility. Her bracelet included a mourning charm after the death of Prince Albert. A way to remember a loved one, these charms might include a lock of hair or were carved of black jet. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford brought the history of charms to America by wearing bracelets.

Modern Charm Bracelets
Pandora jewelry has created a more modern charm bracelet. With many charms to choose from, a Pandora bracelet is a gift that can be added to and expanded over time. Charms create a story of an individual and their family. By choosing charms that represent special events or memories, the history of charms become a topic of conversation when wearing them.

The history of charms is long and enduring. Dating back thousands of years, charms can be found in many different civilizations. Charms represent many different ideas to many different cultures. Even so, they are a long-standing tradition that continue to grow in popularity.
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