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The Newest and the Best in Engagement Ring Styles

Unique engagement rings

Picture an engagement ring in your mind. It’s probably a nice, shiny gold ring with a big round diamond on top, right? That kind of ring is definitely the most popular style that couples choose when getting engaged, but the classic diamond and gold engagement rings may be going out of style sooner rather than later. So what will become the most popular style?

Who knows! Over a quarter of all couples are choosing to personalize their wedding bands and/or engagement rings in order to make them a bit more unique, and there’s no reason to think that this trend is going to slow down anytime soon. The fact is, modern couples (especially younger couples) are more financially-aware than the previous generation when it comes to big purchases, and they’re starting to prefer unique engagement rings and custom jewelry over expensive engagement rings and accessories.

Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton, in particular, sparked a big trend in the custom jewelry industry as couples all over the world started buying sapphire rings similar to one that Kate now wears. In fact, many different styles of gemstone engagement rings became popular after their engagement — emerald, ruby, etc. — because previously, people hadn’t even thought about a traditional ring as one bearing a gemstone.

On the other hand, many people are starting to find the exact opposite style appealing — simple, but stunning, rings made of titanium and stainless steel are starting to become more popular as people become increasingly concerned with how well a ring will maintain its value and beauty over time.

So which style of ring is going to be the next big thing? It’s up to you! If you find something that fits your own personal style — even if it is the traditional diamond ring — then that’s all that matters! Find out more about this topic here.

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