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Three Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Early

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The end of summer is upon us, which can only mean one thing. The holiday shopping season is coming. Stores have already started to roll out the Halloween candy and by the end of September we’ll be walking in a winter wonderland in retail stores long before the snow starts to fly. Shopping for Christmas gifts or holiday decor can be both stressful and fun, but the key to reducing the first and increasing the latter is to start shopping early. Here’s why:

Beat the crowds
Holiday shopping is notoriously crowded and can even get dangerous. There are a number of shopping mall events during the holiday season, and while you can get great deals, there are also a lot more people doing their shopping. The earlier you go, the fewer people there will be getting in the way of your quest for this year’s hottest toy or that rare item your hipster cousin just has to have.

To make sure you’ve gotten everything
There is nothing worse than arriving at a holiday party only to realize that you never picked up that gift for your uncle’s emotionally unstable second wife who will burst into tears at the tiniest hint of a slight against her. Starting early means that you can plan for each gift for everyone on your list. This way you’ll be able to hit stationery supply stores for those specialty natural ink cards for your least favorite aunt (since anything will, to her, imply that you don’t care about what she likes).

Make fewer trips
Most people need to go shopping about five times before their holiday shopping is complete. The first of these trips is usually on Black Friday when there are the most shopping mall events, on which almost 40% of people go shopping. If you start early, you won’t end up in local gift shops at the last minute when everything has been picked over and you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Starting to shop for the holidays early can ensure that your holiday season is less stressful. Start when you’re out doing your everyday shopping. Pick up a few things while you’re out holiday home decor shopping. Do whatever you need to, but make sure you do it early. Continue your research here.

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