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Types of Hair Salon Services to Change Your Look

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The hair salon industry is all about helping people feel beautiful while providing customers with high end services. The industry is rapidly changing to keep up with new trends, techniques, and trends used in all types of hair services. If you are looking to change up your look, you are not alone. Over their lifetime, women have up to 104 different hairstyles, so if you are considering something different, here are some options for you.


One option for thicker hair is extensions. Nearly six out of ten black consumers wear a weave, extensions, or a wig to change up their look on a regular basis. Hair extensions provide length, shine, and can even add highlights to your hair without chemicals. There are a few different types, with hot fusion extensions being the most popular.

Hot fusion extensions
have keratin attached to the end of each strand and are applied to you scalp. The keratin is then warmed, which forms a complete bond to your hair. These extensions last anywhere from three to six months and looks just like your natural hair.

Another type of extension is the microlinks or beads. These are a strand to strand type of extension that is put on individually. The tip of the extension is squeezed shut on top of your current hair. While they are less expensive than how fusion extensions, they do tend to slip down the hair shaft over time.


Almost 21% of the black haircare market are made up of relaxers, with expenditures reaching upwards of $152 million. This makes relaxers a very popular option to change your hairstyle at the hair salon shop. Hair relaxers come in two types, lye and no-lye. The one that is used on your hair depends upon the hair type along with what the stylist recommends. It is important to use the right type for your hair, otherwise it can dry out and become brittle. This is why a quality hair salon should provide the relaxer service.


Natural hair and weaves go great together because weaves add body to the hair without damaging the natural texture or color of your original hair. There are five types of weaves available in the hair salon industry which include:

  • Preuvian Hair
  • Indian Hair
  • Malaysian Hair
  • Eurasian Hair
  • Brazilian Hair


Color is a popular choice in the hair salon industry because it can be done for relatively cheap, compared to the other services. Furthermore, it is simple to do. 3,000 women were polled and of those who answered, 44% changed their hair color because they were bored. The other 61% said they just wanted a change in style. If you are looking for a cheap options for your hair, a color change may be for you.

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