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Adult Footed PJs Make Great Gifts!

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Was your favorite childhood Christmas gift the box that arrived from Statesboro Georgia? Sometimes the gifts from Georgia were delivered in person by your aunt and uncle when they were able to make it up north for the holidays. Other times, it was the gift that showed up a few days early at your grandmother’s house, and was there waiting for you when you arrived. Every one of your cousins got the same thing. Matching footed pajamas. Your favorite was when the girls all received pink onesie pajamas and the boys received blue. Pictures of you and your seven cousins lined up on grandma’s micro suede couch fill the family photo albums. It was always the last gift you opened for the evening, just in time to put on the newest pajamas for a Christmas cousin sleepover.

Wouldn’t it be fun to relive those fun holiday memories as an adult? Even though you now have more cousins than could ever fit on the couch at your grandmother’s house, wouldn’t it be great to recreate the memories of the one peice pajama gift with your relatives who are across the country? The great thing is that you can. You can order footed pajamas adults styles and ship them to the cousin you still talk to every week, as well as the cousin you haven’t seen in three years.

You may not have realized it, but footed pajamas adults styles are a fun fashion trend that has even made the Guinness World Record Book. During the South By Southwest Interactive Festival March 11, 2012, in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Caravan compound, Steve Pandi, the founder of Jumpin Jammerz hosted a party where 309 particiapnts dressed in adult footed pajamas and broke the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Footed Pajama Party.”

Imagine the smile on your youngest cousin’s face when she receives the womens footed pjs in the mail next Christmas! Available in all sizes, you can outfit all of your relatives in pajama onesies again. On Christmas Eve, you can video chat your favorite cousin in Arizona while wearing your adult pjs. Since the medium size fits someone up to 5 foot 9 inches tall and up to 180 pounds, you will be able to find a size for everyone in your family. And don’t worry, while you can now get footed pajamas adults sizes, you can still get matching footed sleepwear for the next generation as well. Imagine the surprise you can give your favorite aunts and uncles when you share your pajama party pictures from across the country on social media!

The average American sleeps eight-and-a-half hours per night, why not make sure that your evening of rest starts off with toasty warm toes and a smile for the new family scrapbook!

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