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Would You Wear Men’s Footed Pajamas? Check Out These Pajama Trends for Guys

Men footed pajamas

According to a recent surveys, about 74% of Americans sleep in pajamas. Yet 61% say that they simply don’t have enough sleepwear options to choose from. Men, especially, may be reluctant to wear pajamas and may prefer to wear something else instead. But a good pair of pajamas can keep men and women comfortable as they sleep and help them get the recommended amount of sleep. That’s good news, considering that 40% of Americans don’t get the right amount of shut-eye.

What can guys wear to stay comfortable at night? Check out these three fun and even unconventional trends in pajamas for men:

Footed Pajamas for Men

For men footed pajamas are making a comeback. They’re available in all kinds of bold patterns and colors, and they’re made with different fabrics, such as flannel, fleece, and cotton. While some people might like the drop seat in the back, for-men footed pajamas often give the option of having one or not. Pajama onesies for adults are sold to both men and women and come in several different styles, including animal onesie pajamas for adults.

Stealth Pajamas

For the guys who want to feel like James Bond without having to put on a real suit can stay in their pajamas. One entrepreneur created a pair of pajamas that resembles a suit. While one journalist claims he went undetected while wearing “Suitsy” for four days straight, fashion magazines like GQ criticized the invention and told guys to leave their pajamas at home.

Designer Pajamas for Guys

On red carpets for the Met Gala and other events, some of fashion’s big names have worn pajamas as their couture. Even high-end fashion designers have lines of pajamas for men and women. While they may look good, those pajamas can come with a heavy price tag. The pair Grace Coddington wore to the Met Gala, designed by Michael Kors, cost $1,200!

Would you wear men’s footed pajamas? Think a pair of designer PJs is worth the price tag? Tell us what you think in the comments. Find out more about this topic here.

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