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How Wedding Sparklers Can Take Your Wedding to Another Level

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If you haven’t heard by now, wedding sparklers are quickly becoming the hottest accessory for brides everywhere. Thankfully, word still hasn’t reached many brides-to-be, so you can be the first of your friends to add this amazing special touch to your amazing special day.

Deciding to buy sparklers for your wedding is making a conscious decision to make all your friends and family as jealous as they can possibly get. Your loved ones will be clamoring as to where you got the idea and how they can find sparklers for their big day. Here’s just a few of the ways that sparklers can set your wedding apart from the rest:

    Stunning photographs. Sparklers aren’t just to let loose and celebrate. When you buy sparklers for your wedding, you are essentially buying an elaborate lighting scheme to make the most stunning wedding photos you have ever seen in your life. There is nothing quite like the visual of your friends and family dancing the night away with their wedding sparklers. The sparklers will light up the night, whether you’re inside or outside, creating an incredible backdrop for your pictures.

    Wedding sparkler send offs. Tying in with the beautiful photo ops, a sparkler send off is the perfect end to a magical night. Imagine you and your sweetheart running through a lineup of your loved ones as you escape into the night as newlyweds. It’s every girl’s dream, and nothing compares to it. If you plan to use sparklers during the send off, make sure you buy sparklers for about 75% of guests in attendance as that should be more than enough for everyone who wants to participate.

    Safe and easy to use. These aren’t the same kind of sparklers that you used to play with on the Fourth of July as a child. Safety wont be an issue with smokeless sparklers, and they are perfect for the little ones at your wedding. Smoke free sparklers don’t produce any ash and you don’t even have to be outside to use them. Just make sure someone keeps an eye on the kids if they’re going to use them; kids 10-14 years old are about twice as likely to get injured if they get rambunctious.

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