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How Custom Designed Tee Shirts Can Brands Gain Recognition

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Though cotton is grown in 85 countries and exported by 55, the United States is the second largest cotton producer in the world, and by far the largest exporter, regularly shipping nearly 40-60% of its yield abroad. As such, tee shirts, which are often made of cotton, are an iconic staple of American fashion and culture. In fact, 95% of all Americans wear tee shirts. Additionally, 70% of men and 54% of women in America own more than ten tee shirts, and many have at least one they refuse to throw out due to sentimental value. Realizing this, many businesses are now turning to custom designed tee shirts in order to make a bold, visual statement and get their brand noticed.

In fact, the tee shirt printing industry has grown more than 24.2% from 2009 to 2014, as demand from businesses large and small increases. Many companies offering custom print services have expanded their repertoire to include t shirt printing services due to this growing demand.

Though social media marketing is an important aspect of any company’s overall marketing strategy, custom designed tee shirts can help brands gain nearly instant exposure and recognition through engaging design. Though many people interact with their favorite brands via social media platforms, humans are visual creatures by nature, and as such, are drawn to unique imagery. Custom designed tee shirts combine stunning visual graphic in addition to text in order to create a look that is sure to draw attention.

Companies offering custom designed tee shirts have talented graphic designers that carefully work with clients in order to bring their creative vision to life. Custom print tees are an excellent marketing strategy in today’s modern world.
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