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Taking A Look Into The World Of Tattoos

Tattoos are hugely commonplace all throughout the United States, with many a person having at least one. In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject very much supports this claim, as this data has found that very nearly 15% of all people within the United States have a tattoo, if not even more than just the one. And with up to 21,000 different tattoo parlors also located all throughout the country, it’s quite easy to get one, provided that you are of the legal age or have parental consent. In recent years, tattoos have become even more popular, with nearly half of all those who are a part of the Millennial generation having at least one. And even more than 35% of Gen X generation members also have a tattoo.

There are, of course, a number of things that must be considered in order to avoid having any form of tattoo regret even as the years pass on. After all, not everyone gets the best tattoo possible and tattoo regret and the subsequent tattoo removal process it can lead to are very real for a great many people. Again, this is statement supported by the research that has gone into the subject, research showing that more than 10% of those who have gotten a tattoo (around 11%, to be just a bit more specific) will end up having it removed in some way. And up to 5% of the population with tattoos will end up getting a cover up of an old tattoo with a better one – perhaps even the best tattoo that they will have.

So while there are certainly solutions to rectifying a less than best tattoo experience, there are also ways to avoid it entirely – and this is certainly the most ideal path to take when it comes to seeking out and getting the best tattoo possible. For one thing, it’s critical that you do your research. In fact, this is such an important step to take in the process of getting the best tattoo possible that nearly half of all people who have gotten a tattoo or will get a tattoo say that the overall reputation of the tattoo artist and tattoo studio that you go to matter more than anything else when it comes to getting the best tattoo possible. The quality of the work that the artist does matters immensely, but fortunately it is easy to access their profile either at the tattoo shop they work out of or even on various online platforms. Tattooing is often posted to social media as a way to attract new and even returning customers, providing a great way to scope out their ability and the kind of work that they specialize in.

The working conditions of the tattoo shop matter immensely as well. If a tattoo shop does not practice proper sanitation methods, you do not want to get a tattoo there. If you do, you set yourself up for much higher chances of developing an infection as your tattoo heals. Not only can this ultimately be dangerous, but it can greatly mar and mess up the overall appearance of your tattoo as well. Therefore, this is something to be wholly avoided as much as you can. If you’re iffy on the cleanliness of a tattoo parlor that you’re looking into, you’re not likely to get the best tattoo possible from this establishment.

The same goes not just for getting the best tattoo possible, but for getting the best piercings possible as well. After all, many a tattoo shop will also perform various types of piercings, which are just about equally as popular as tattoos, if not even slightly more so. Ear piercings are most common, but so too are piercings in a number of other locations, like tongue, nose, and bellybutton. Of all women who have piercings, a reported third of this population includes a bellybutton piercing. But in order to have a good piercing experience – and a good outcome that will very much stand the test of time – going to reputable and safe piercer is quite hugely important indeed, in the same way going to a good tattoo artist is.

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