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Create a Unique Experience with Wedding Sparklers

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As if your wedding day isn’t exciting enough, have you considered adding even more excitement with wedding sparklers? Just imagine these long lasting sparklers being ignited by your friends and family as you and your new spouse say, “I do.”

Sparklers can also be ignited while you’re taking photos or filming video before, during, or after your reception. Just imagine how the night will light up even further with a wedding sparkler send off as you drive off to enjoy each other on the honeymoon.

Since you are thinking about adding these sparklers to your celebration of love, you may be interested to know how to buy sparklers. Since the average wedding has 136 guests, you will only need to order sparklers for 75% of these guests. This will be more than enough to create a spectacular effect, especially when you’re getting married after sunset.

Since you’re likely planning to have your wedding during the evening, with your reception continuing through the night, it’s unlikely there will be children present. If you’re planning to have wire sparklers, you may want to make your wedding day “adults-only.”

If any children will be present, then you want to make sure they are continually under an adult’s supervision. Furthermore, children should never be allowed to light these sparklers.

Traditional sparklers usually last for around 45 seconds. When you shop for and buy sparklers online, however, you will notice there are three different sizes and burn times for wedding sparklers:

    10-inch: Burns for two-and-a-half minutes
    20-inch: Burns for two-and-a-half minutes
    36-inch: Burns for almost four minutes

When you buy sparklers, the 20-inch and 36-inch sizes are ideal for a wedding. The 36-inch sparkler, however, has a few extra benefits. In addition to each of your guests only needing one sparkler due to its longer burn time, the 36-inch sparklers have long handles. Another benefit to the longer sparkler is that it just needs to be lit once.

As you continue to plan your wedding, wedding reception, and honeymoon, you can purchase your sparklers now. Since there are so many things you need to do to prepare for this wonderful event, it will feel wonderful to cross an item off of that list.

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