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What Are Compressed T Shirts and How Can They Help My Business?

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Digital marketing is all the rage. Between mobile advertisements, social media posts, and SEO content marketing, businesses are able to connect with their target audiences on a far more personal and intimate level than was ever thought possible. While having a strong online and social media presence is vital for keeping audiences engaged, some “old school” tools of the trade are still quite relevant in the digital age.

Let’s face it, target audiences are addicted to the internet and have near 24/7 access to it thanks to smart phones and mobile devices. For the most part, this is seen as a good thing. Advertisements and social media posts can go viral at any minute, immediately building widespread brand recognition. However, target audiences are also becoming desensitized due to being constantly “plugged in”. This is where old fashioned marketing tactics come into play. Enter compressed t shirts.

So what exactly are compressed t shirts? Take the awesomeness of a custom designed tee shirts and compress and form it into unique, fun shapes. For example, a business promoting a Valentine’s Day special can compress or form their quality printed t shirts into the shape of a heart and voila!

By combining the uniqueness of promotional tshirts with the interesting shapes of compressed t shirts, businesses can reinforce their digital marketing campaigns in a tactile way. On their own, custom print tees speak for themselves, but by compressing them, businesses can double up on their reach.

For example, if your business already had a successful marketing campaign complete with catchy hashtags, the message can be driven home by creating promo t shirts emblazoned with the trending hashtag. This creates a sense of continuity, and users are likely to feature the t shirts in their social media posts in the form of selfies.

The moral of the story? Don’t be so quick to write off old school marketing practices. Instead of looking outside the box, why not take a look back in?

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