You Won’t Want to Forget This Essential Adventure Gear When Your Teens Go Camping

CampingIf you’re planning on bringing your teens with the family for quality time outdoors this summer, you’ll want to make sure that they have everything they need for a fun time camping. Many adult campers, who make up the majority of the 43 million Americans who camp each year, know what to pack for themselves. But as camping’s popularity increases, which it did by 3 million campers between 2010 and 2012, families with teens and children also need good camping supplies options to keep kids happy and occupied. This is especially true as more parents find that they compete with smartphones and computers for their kids’ attention, so anything that can get teens to enjoy the outdoors is welcome.

Are you choosing adventure gear for your teens for the family camping trip? Use this list to find the essentials:
1. Comfortable yet stylish adventure clothing: Whether or not your kids are fashionistas, you’ll need to make sure they pack clothing that is appropriate for the trip. If your teens will be active most of the day, see that they have comfortable, loose fitting clothing that will help them hike, climb, play sports, or participate in other activities at your camp site. Make sure that your teens are dressed for the weather, too, so bring hoodies or other warm clothing for when the temperatures drop at night.

2. Hiking gear, archery equipment, scuba diving gear, and more: Of those who go camping in the United States, 84% participate in more than one outdoor activity. That category can include everything from hiking or climbing to swimming and scuba diving. As such, you’ll need to make sure that your teens have all the adventure gear they need to enjoy these camping activities. Not only can you use this gear to support your kids’ hobbies, but you can also help them find new activities to enjoy. If you’re near a lake or ocean, that might also mean stocking up on new swimwear, so teens can do some swimming or catch some rays on the beach.

3. Batteries and power sources… just in case: Whether or not you’re a fan of glamping (or glamorous camping) with all the luxuries of home and more, it may be okay to let teens indulge in some time on a phone or tablet, especially when things wind down for the evening. And who doesn’t want to take photos on a smartphone to have memories of this quality family time? To find a compromise, set limits with your teenagers on how and when they can use their electronic devices… and maybe double check your data plan with your cell phone carrier!

Need to know what other types of adventure gear your teens need for a camping trip? Stop in today to ask us about choosing the right camping supplies for the whole family!

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