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Your Boots Are Made for Walking and So Much More

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You might be familiar with the old song “These Boots Are Made for Walking.” It’s a fun, old country tune, but the reality of things is that a good pair of comfortable tactical boots is nothing to take lightly. Having work boots that do the job and do the job well can be the very things that keep you working and not recovering from injury.

The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that an average of seven days of work get missed when an employee suffers a foot or toe injury on the job. When looking further at this situation, one will see that less than a quarter of the people who sustain a foot or toe injury were wearing shoes or boots that adequately protect your feet.

Heavy duty work boots are a must for many people who spend their days on the job walking or being on their feet in unstable areas. An average construction worker or laborer will walk roughly 30,000 steps per day, compared to an average person who steps around one-third of that amount. Comfortable work boots need to be sturdy as well as easy on the feet.

In some professions, such as police work, comfortable tactical boots are an imperative. Police officers engaged in a pursuit cannot afford to be caught off guard by a boot that won’t hold up over difficult terrain or won’t allow them to be ready for anything, even at the end of a long shift. Most of the time calls come in that will take a police officer to a terrain that might require a tactical boot that they wouldn’t normally need to use. That is why you will see today’s police officers in comfortable tactical boots that are designed for all types of terrain.

The best kind of boots are ones that will be comfortable when they are being worn for extended periods of time. They should also offer the maximum protection and support to the feet when off-road pursuits require something much more sturdy. The hazards of the job make finding the right footwear difficult for some officers, depending on where they live. But finding the right comfortable tactical boots that also match dressing regulations can make the job so very much easier.

While it is obvious that police officers need the best boots they can find, they are by no means the only ones whose job can be made easier by finding footwear that keeps their dogs from barking at the end of the day. Construction workers, laborers, and even teachers stand on their feet day in and day out. Keeping the feet healthy can mean a better performance from everyone.

Finding shoes, boots, or other types of footwear that are safe, comfortable and even fashionable is not as big a chore as it once was. Just a quick search will show you why the footwear industry is continuing to stay on its feet.

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